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1989 GT 5.0 Start up and Idle concerns

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hey everyone, i just picked up a 1989 Mustang GT 5.0 automatic a couple weeks ago (all stock besides spectre air filter) and im having an issue with startup. whenever i turn the key over the engine will start but if i dont give it any gas, it will just die on me. it also likes to die on me when i am idling at a stoplight and try to take off. i also feel like my engine isnt producing the ammount of power that it should be when i mash the pedel to the floor. i think it may have something to do with the air to fuel ratio but i am not sure of this. does anyone know what may be the problem?
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Check for codes firstly and see what the computer thinks of the air/fuel it will tell you if its lean or rich. Next take the IAC valve off and try cleaning it and stick it bad on its on the throttle body. After that take the MAF off and clean it and the little filimint with MAF only cleaner.. this usually helps ALOT in pick up and throttle response. The filament gets dirty and sends a faulty reading to the computer.
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