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1989 Mustang 5.0L drive line vibration?

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i have just got a 89 lx 5.0 convertible it runs good but at and after i get to 55mph there is bad driveline vibration. any help thanks
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possibly driveshaft out of balance or u-joints need replacing....

also it could be a tire/wheel balance issue......
+1 on the u joints. when does the vibration start? what speed? and in gear or in neutral, both? also make sure the 4 bolt that hold the driveline up in the rear arent loose.
Mine did the same thing and i got a ford racing aluminum d/s. The used car dealer got the worst of it though. He bought me new tires to try and fix it. I needed new tires anyways lol. Its been 7 years now and I have a new vibration. I have het to look at it since I dont drive it much anyway.
+1 on tightening the 4 bolts holding up the drive shaft. I had the same problem. I bought an aluminum ds and when I installed it, I noticed the 3 remaining bolts were all loose. Lol,boy was I embarrassed! :rollgrin:
checked the bolts they were tight ujoints are good no play in them but there is play in the slip yoke at the trans
Thats normal. Take the driveshaft to a driveshaft place and have it checked. It may just be a tire out of balance. But we need more info.

1) Does the vibe get worse at higher speed or does it go away?

2) Is it there in nuetral?

3) mmm we'll start with those
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it is from 55mph to ? i peged the spedo on the reset button dont know how fast that is on a 85mph spedo
vibrates when you let off the gas not when geting on it though
Driveshaft is out of balance
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