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I have a 1989 Mustang with a 200 AMP Stinger Alternator, running a Crossfire 1000D amp at 1 OHM. I replaced the battery with a 775 CCA Battery at the time that I put in the AMP.

Recently, I was forced to change the factory alternator for an aftermarket after burning up the harness ends on the original alternator. Going down the highway I had the amperage light come on.

At a stoplight the car charges at 13 volts without my foot on the brake pedal. My amp goes into protect mode when the power goes below 11 volts. The voltage jumps like crazy on this car. During the day the amp will shut down even if I am at a stoplight with my foot on the pedal. What is the amperage required for a brake light? 5 amps.

If I go to the big three, will this bypass all of this nonsense? The Stinger alternator should be able to do 2000 watts easy. Does anybody have a viable solution to this?
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