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1989 Mustang GT, gauges are noisy as heck!

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So I've got my suspention woes delt with, and got to take the car for a nice ride the other day, but I've noticed that my guages are noisy as can be. It's just "clickclickclickclick" the whole way down the highway. It's speed related, and the speedometer is always been a flake (won't work until you hit a bump or something), and I know the speed cable is hooked up tighter than it has ever been, so I'm thinking for now that is just needs to be lubricated.

Is it even possible to lubricate the gauges without ruining them? Is there any other thing in the gauge that could cause an annoying clicking sound? Thanks for any assistance.
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the little plastic gears in the cluster might be worn. i had the same thing happen except i would get no speed at all. where the cable enters the speedometer gauge may also be worn.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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