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My speedo quit working some time ago. I just started driving the stang again so I replaced the speedo cable with a full replacement from LRS. That did nothing! I then replaced the VSS, the speedo was working for a full 3 minutes but didn't seem right. Like it was hesitant to read how fast I was going when taking off.

The old cable was gone, it deff needed replacement because the headers melted through the outer part.

When I hook the speedo up to my 18v drill in reverse it reads fine! At full drill speed it stays at 80mph steady.

I really want to get it working because I don't want to spend $600 for autometer electric gauges but I'm at a lost. The teeth on the VSS were fine.

Really need help with this. I've been searching and have found several possible reasons. One, the cable I got is to small and slipping out of the VSS or Speedometer. Two, the gear inside the tail housing needs replaced but I'm not sure how to check it.

The red gear on the VSS sensor was perfect, not worn down at all. So what other possibilities are there? Are there any easy ways to check the gear inside the tail housing? Does the transmission have to come out?

This is the cable I bought from LRS:
Item: LRS-17260B

This Mustang Speedometer Cable is a direct replacement for your original. It fits the following Mustangs:

79-80-81-82-83-84-85 Mustang 2.3L & 5.0L without EFI & with cruise control

84-85-86-87-88-89-90-91-92-93 Mustang 2.3L & 5.0L with EFI & with or without cruise control.

Is that the right cable? Like I said when I hook the speedometer up to my drill and spin it in reverse it works. When it worked for the few minutes in the car it was hesitant at giving me a reading taking off. I took it out on the main road and got on the gas and at 80mph I took my foot off and placed the car in neutral to turn around and the speedometer was not working.

I really have no experience with transmissions and hope this is an easy fix I just need someone to point me in the right direction. My car is a 89 GT with factory cruise control. I routed it the right way, no sharp bends or anything.

I'm short on cash so I hope this is an easy fix. If I unhook the cable from the VSS I can spin it with ease. So I know the cable is not bound up, seems to me like the inside cable might be to short and not going far enough in the VSS when driving it backs out.

Please give me some ideas!


I was able to pull the old cable out of the old housing. It's in decent shape so I'm going to pull the one I just put in out and see if they are different lengths. If so I'll lube the old one up and put it in the new cable housing. It's in good shape. I think it was the VSS that was the problem and I already have a new one on.

I've been searching and found others with the same problem from the inner cable being to short and not fully seating in the VSS and Cluster. Hopefully this solves the problem because the VSS gear was in good condition. Only other thing would be the tail housing gear and I really don't want to mess with that.

I basically took what I wrote on Corral and posted it here. Hopefully get some help!
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