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1989 mustang idling problem when pushing on the clutch

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hi to all....i've been having this problem ever since i had changed my motor...the car drives fine but when stopping to a light and pushing on the clutch the idle goes low and stalls out on me or just simply if i'm parked in the yard and start the car up the car idles in between 1800-2000 rpm and as soon as i push that clutch the rpm goes down and will stall out if i don't give it gas. anybody have an idea to the cause of this problem? thanx
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try checkin ur idle control valve...try tapping lightly on it, sometimes they stick. you might also have a vaccum leak
i checked the idle control valve today it seems to be working fine because when i unplug it the car dies right out all vacuums seem to be ok could something else be causing this? because the car drives fine could it be something in my clutch assembly bearing, pilot bearing?
any suggestions ???
well its kind of a difficult diagnosis, i mean it could be numerous of things, when the pilot bearing goes out it shouldnt make ur car die, it usually is just a loud noise when u let off the clutch, i would just double check and make sure ur vaccum lines dont have wear and tear
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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