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1989 Mustang LX 5.0 what cam can I use

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hi guys,

I have an 89 lx 5.0. I have a BBK cold air intake, accel ignition, plug wires ect. I have a set of shortie headers x pipe off road no cats 40 series flow masters with 2.5 inch pipe. The timing is bumped up. I was told not to go bigger than an E303 cam. If I did not go with the ford racing cam what do I need to look for on the cam size if I use a different brand. Duration, lift ect. Can someone give me some advice. I want the biggest cam I can use with the mods to the car and not lose performance. I want the best sound though.

Thanks Guys,
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if your gunna do all that work...then do heads aswell...just a cam with stock e7's(unless ported) is not worth it....i would go with either the trick flows or some gt40X's...edelbrock i think is the best though :headscratch:....but good luck bro
You want a good stock H.O. upgrade...

Comp Cams Magnum, part number 35-420-8, grind number 270HR. It has .533 lift, 270 duration, 215 duration as .050 lift, a 110 degree LCA and a powerband of 1800-5000. It does have a slight lope at idle, it can be used with stock torque converter if it's an automatic and stock gears. This is a recommended H.O. stock replacement cam.

About not going bigger than the E303... you have to account for duration as much as lift. This Comp cam has more lift but it has less duration and you will be fine with it. Stock 1989 pistons will accommodate this cam so no clearance problems.
sSo which would be better? The comp came mentioned above or the ford racing E303. Which would have the roughest idle?
So which would be better? The comp cam mentioned above or the ford racing cam E303? Which one will have the roughest idle?
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