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1989 mustang stalling at stops 5.0

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i just bought an 89 stang it stalls when you stop the idle is rough then stalls i just changed the iac today and it still does it any sugg
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See what you come up with for ECM codes first.

DIY KOEO/KOER/Cylinder Balance Self-Test Procedure

Post the codes up. If nothings out of wack
then do the Base Idle reset as described below.

Summarized/Corrected Base Idle Reset Procedure:bigthumbsup
while the car is running spray carb cleaner inside the T/B , what does the car idle @ ?
it stalls for a second then idles around 550 then dies when u spray carb cleaner in it.. it runs great under normal driving but when you stop it stalls after 30seconds it loads up if you take off before it dies it backfires and smells like raw fuel.this one has got me stumped anymore help i dont have a computer to check codes
all you need is a voltmeter to read the codes.
you have a fuel problem, possibly the fuel regulator, i would get a test gauge if you can and diagnose it, keep us posted
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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