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I have a 1987 mazda rx7, it has a 1989 mustang 5.0L 302 block in it.
I got this car from a friend in return for doing some work for him cause he never had the time to finish it, it has no interior in it atm (so im also looking for an '86/'87/'88 mazda rx7 for parts if anybody can help with that??) and its missing some other stuff.
it used to be an old dragracer, the engine blew and then it got rebuild and got rigged for nitrous, now the car hasnt ran in over a year, its spouse to start with 3 switches, one for the fuelpump, one for the starter, and he didnt know what the third switch was for. (my friend got it from his friend who has moved away and who i have not been able to track down yet)

now here's what i need help with, what should i all do before i try to start it? i dont wanna try and start it and end up cracking the engine or anything, i already disconnected the fuel lines, got all the old gas out and connected them back on it, the fuel lines run to the trunk, where the fuelpump is placed in a lil rubbermaid 25L garbage can where the old gas was in, i have 10L of supreme fuel right now in a jug, i have a couple different types of fuel line and injector cleaners as well as an octane booster, and also a fully charged battery ready to be hooked up (it didnt have a battery in it) i have moderate knowledge of cars, access to any kind of tool needed as well as access to a car lift, but i have no knowledge about '89 mustang engines, or how theyre supposed to be hooked up to '87 rx7 wiring, i can use all the help, so no matter how irrelevant you think your knowledge might be, it might mean the world to me
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