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1990 Convertible Mustang top latch loose..

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hey guys..

anyone know how to change out the latch for the convertible top? My passenger side is bent and not putting a good seal above the when I wash the stang or when it rains water comes in and drips on the passenger seat (sometimes)...

Is it complicated...need to change this out ASAP..

thanks guys!!!
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I would say it's fairly complicated. You'll have to remove that part of the top to get to the screws that hold the latch in place. It's doable though. You'll need to re-staple the top into place where you removed it and most likely have to get a new weatherstrip. The parts aren't cheap either. I got lucky and found good latches on a junk yard car. Someone else might know another way but good luck. It's been awhile since I replaced my top but if you have any questions, pm me.
the latch, when you tighten it down and push to lock it is not even with the frame. The frame was aligned becuase I put on a new top...but the latch is crocked. Not flush with the rail. When I pull to unlock it, it wobbles up and down bigtime like a washer is missing or something. I tried to tighten down the bolt near the hook, but it wouldn't get tight...

I think I might need to snap a picture...I'll try to tomorrow.
The wobble is probably caused by the springs in the j-hooks going bad. I don't think they can be repaired. Replacing them may be your only option.
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