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1990 convertilbe gt power window fix

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Can someone tell me all the parts needed other than the motor to fix my windows from going up crooked. Both the front and side window parts.

Also both front windows go up but one looks like it wants to come down a little by it self. Is that the motor?

Any help would be great...
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well there are square guide bushings that go in the track bar . usually they wear out . you can get them from ebay pretty cheap . theres 2 in each door. and i think 2 on the back windows too. that will keep it from falling from one side to the other. you can also get a rebuild kit for the motors most of the time the plastic gears strip out and that would cause the window to fall also. hopfully this helps ya out man:bigthumbsup
Take both doors apart & inspect everything. Replace anything with wear on it. Do the motors too & do both sides. Don't buy anything until you've closely examined everything, that way you only buy what you need. Enjoy!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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