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1990 GT Steering/suspension Upgrade suggestions??

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I'm currently in the process of building myself a drift rocket, and I'm in need of some experience that could point me in the right direction for a few upgrades to the steering and the suspension.

A little background on the car:

It's a 1990 Mustang GT 5.0, and I bought it from a guy in Colorado for 1200 bucks, and it has been hot rodded and ran hard. He said he dropped a new camshaft into it, higher pressure injectors, hotter plugs, forged heads, and a couple other upgrades I don't remember. The rear end has been geared down a bit, and this thing is just a hunk of junk, but at the end of the day it sounds like a demon, and runs pretty damn hard.

I will get into pulling the engine out this winter and seeing what exactly has been done to it, and doing my own personal rebuild to make sure everything is brought up to spec.

What I've done:

What I've done is pretty basic stuff. I stripped out the dash and pulled the dash harness, then replaced it with one out of another 90' GT (whoever wired it up last was borderline retarded and apparently had a budget of about 12 dollars, because it was a HUGE fire waiting to happen.) So now I'm in the final stages of hooking up the "new" harness, and re-pinning all the wires from the gauges to the harness.

I've also put in some new racing seats, 5 point harnesses, window net, and welded in my own 12pt roll cage. I've also installed a new hydraulic hand-brake, so as far as a amateur drift car goes, I have one.


I need to know what people are using or would recommend to use to get better steering angle on the wheels, and get more lock out of a turn. I'm basically wondering how, or what I should get in order to extend the tie rods, what lower A arms I should use, springs, basically the whole shabang.

How can I get more angle on my front tires to get a more aggressive lock when I'm drifting? What parts are people using? Where do I get them?

PLEASE keep in mind that I'm a college student, and so far I've only spent about 3000 on the car, and I don't have a huge bank account to drop another 3000 into the steering. I do want good performance, but not at a high cost. Cheap is best.

I'm an experienced welder and machinist, and I have access to a huge welding and machine shop at my school, so custom modifications are a possibility.

I'm just looking for direction and guidance. This is a my first ture project car, and I want this to become a drift demon. Motor and other mechanical upgrades will come later, so I'm really only concerned with the suspension/steering at this point.

Thank you in advance for any input you have, it's appreciated more than you know.
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