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1990 LX convertable. Is it worth putting a 351 in it?

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I have a 1990 Lx convertable that i was thinking of putting a 351 in it. Does a 351 make that much of a difference in power or should I go up to a big block. I guess what i'm really getting at is it worth swapping a 302 to a 351.
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Was is it worth to you????

Do you have money to make it run cause a 351 will run what a 302 does unless you feed the beast.
Yeah not all 351s are badder than 302s. For example the 351 in my bronce is 210 hp stock and the 302 in my stang is 225hp stock. The stock heads and intake are the main limitation on a 5.0s power. They just dont flow very well. The same goes for a 351. I guarantee if you get a set of good flowing heads and a good intake on your 5.0 itll blow the doors off of most any stock 351. Of course a 351 with good heads and intake will run a little better but also weighs more. Plus youll almost definitely need a cowl hood as well
You just jumped from 302 to 351 then big block!?! How much money are you willing to spend? How fast do you want to go? How much alterations are you willing to make and what is your purpose w/the car? Is it a budget build or something to take to the local cruise in and show off while, on the way, blowing the doors off a Z06? If its the latter, get a big bore 363 stroker w/twins :bigthumbsup

But seriously, ask yourself what you want before spending the dough.
I stick to a pretty good rule of thumb. 302's can make all the power u will ever need and are still small and light enough to have a decently handling car. 351 in a mustang isn't worth it unless it is bored and stroked to the max and all that car is going to be doing is going in a strait line for a quarter mile.
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