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1990 Mustang gt, 5.0 cam advise for gt heads and intake

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i have 90 gt that i am doing a build up on a spare motor and i would like some direction on cam selection. i would like a cam to make this set up a mean street car w/ a nice power band between 15-1800 to about 55-5800 that way while cuising at 70 mph i am in my power band

my set up:
gt40 ported heads stock valves
gt 40 intake ported
65mm tb
73 mm maf w/24 lbs
stock bottom end
trans is a t5
3.73 gaers
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An E-303 cam, will put you there without worrying about piston to valve clearance, Mike. SCT Tuner.:bigthumbsup
That's what I put in my pony about 2 months ago with some 1.7 roller rockers and she sounds sweet as h-ll!!:D
Considering it's a mild combination, you'd probably like the E303.
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