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1990 Mustang gt suggestions

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I just pulled the motor and transmisison out of my car. Next week I plan on dropping the gas tank and having it steam cleaned. Not sure If I am going to remove the rear axle or not. The A arms are coming off so I can replace the bushings.

One of my good friends is a mechanic and is going to replace the bushings and steam the gas tank (if it needs it).

Here are my thoughts on what I should do first. Let me know If I should do this in a different order.

1. Clean the vehicle (engine compartment and undercarriage
2. Remove all rust
3. Prime/paint engine compartment and undercarriage
4. Suspension (upper/lowers, springs, shocks, bushings)
5. Brakes (again I'm relying on my buddy)
6. Install gas tank (with new 255 fuel pump)
7. Rebuild AOD with a kit from AOD Transmission from PATC, AOD Transmissions
or something similar
8. Buy rebuilt 347 short block. I have a new cam, lifters timing chain, girdle and windage tray so I will probably try to find someone I can send this stuff to.
9. Door pins and bushing replacement to fix the sag
10. I have complete interior screw kit so I'll be looking for the empty holes to fill.
11. New stereo
12. Paint and weather seals.
13. Pay for all this then go back into debt for a Kenne Bell

Here is the parts list that I already have laying around

BBK shorties and H Pipe
Edelbrock RPM cat back *discontinued part
255 lph fuel pump
Upper/lower control arms
new springs, shocks and struts
bushing kit
engine/tranny mounts
AFR 185s (low compression for future high boost)
Trick flower upper and lower manifold
Timing chain
water pump
24 lbs injectors and new Mass air meter
3 row aluminum radiator
electric fan
BBK adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Sub frame connecters
Lower G brace
windage tray
e303 cam

There are probably a few more. I have been buying stuff every week and many things are still in boxes.

Anyway what parts am I forgetting about? What type of paint sure I use? Should I try to take it to bare metal or just clean it really well then use a rust inhibator primer paint?

Does this sound like a sound plan?

Thanks in advance


PS at this point I only want to buy what I need or what I should get. All the luxury items that can be easily added later I'll get later.
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As for the rust, you should always take it to bare metal. You'll notice when doing this that surface rust is a lot bigger under the paint. Any rot holes, You'll want to cut the rot off to prevent it from future damage and weld new metal in, like I did with my door you can see in my Avatar. Use weld through primer between the metals or on back to prevent burning the paint off. Cheap alternative is using fiber glass, but I don't like going that route. Any bare metal you have should first be painted with Self Etching primer for good adhesion. Then your primer filler, he you're using it, and primer sealer for a final primer.
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