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1990 mustang passenger window working

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Hello I'm new to this forum and to owning a fox body,
When we got the car the passenger window did not work and the previous owner couldn't figure out why.
We took the door panels off and realized that there's no power going to the motor but the motor works. I've looked at the wiring diagram just to get an idea but still am at a standstill.
Was wondering if any of you had and problems like this or and information pertaining to the solution.
Thank you.
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Did you check for power going to the
switch? If you have power to the
switch and no power coming out
of the switch when pressed then
obviously it is a bad switch. If the
the switch is good the problem
lies upstream.
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Power to the door switch comes from the drivers door switch.
Check that that switch is operable if there is no power coming to the passenger door switch
I had similar issues with my 88 GT doing the same thing only mine was intermittent making it hard to find at first. The power and ground for the passenger door crosses over from the driver door, there is a harness that passes from the driver door switch through the door jam and plugs into a connector under the dash/driver side kick panel. (Don't quote me on this because its been a while since I messed with mine but I think those wires are yellow and the other is pink from the driver side). It's likely that harness shorted out or a break in that wiring at the door jam area. I cheated once I found the short and instead of changing the harness I ran a jumper wire to the connector to bypass the bad wire.
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