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1991 Mustang GT Wanting To Use Explorer head,intake,throttle body

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I was at pull a part yesterday and noticed a Ford Explorer with the heads,intake,and throttle body intact and in perfect shape.Is this a good setup to use as far as a small power increase for little money?What would I need to do to my stock throttle cable assembly,to make it hookup to the Explorer throttle body?Any ideal about added horsepower estimates
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Pick them if they are still there. Heads should be 35 each, don't know about intake and throttle body. While you're there pick maf off 96/97 mustang should be v-6. Direct plug and play. I found you tube on how to convert throttle body to fox. Just need drimal and drill. I didn't weld the linkage used a washer and screw to keep in place. Use the search button upper right. Your going to need better springs and harden push rods.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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