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1991 Mustang loving and owning chick from Texas!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Victoria, and I've grown up in Mustangs. My first experience involved nearly being born in my father's '89 GT Police Interceptor on the Autobahn going 160ish. What can I say, it's in my blood! My first Mustang was a 2004 v6.. I wrecked and was in a coma for a week, thanks to hydroplaning and me not knowing better.

I moved on to a cheap 1993 4 cylinder, and it got me from point a to point b pretty well, with a max speed of about 110. When I bought it, I was eighteen and very naive, so I believed them when they told me it just had an oil change.. two months later, a rod went through the block, and I sold it for scrap.

Next I got another 2004 v6, named it Clyde, and personalized it with a third brake light decal and a custom rocker stripe. It's been good to me, other than the water pump me and my husband replaced in it.
It hits about 125 max.. damn governors!

Recently, I purchased a 1991 5.0, and it's pretty nice. We're planning on putting new aluminum headers on it, and eventually getting a Vortech supercharger installed. It's got a Shaker scoop, but non-functional (not my choice).

My father used to build custom engines, and mustangs have always been my vice. Even after I have kids, if ever, they'll ride in mustangs just like I did.

Nice to meet ya'll! I look forward to chatting with ya! =]
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Welcome to the site:bigthumbsup
Welcome!! Sounds like you've had some not so good experiences haha
Welcome to AFM! and have fun with that 91. Check out our 5.0 Talk and Tech sections for some good info. Also - keep those top speeds down unless you're at the track... one less stanger gone due to an accident is a bad thing...
Thanks for the welcoming! I appreciate it. I'm actually looking into whipping myself into shape to be a 'mustang babe'.. so, maybe you'll be seeing me around! Haha.

Snackmaster, I'll try.. I'm temporarily in Maryland due to my husband being stationed here, and the highest speed limits I've seen are around 55.. so, it's torture, but I've kept the lead foot in the closet lately. ;]

I know I don't have much in the way of mustangs at the moment, so it makes me feel like a bit of a loser to be on here when everyone seems to have tricked out Saleens, Cobras, Bullitts, etc.. But, hey, I love em just as much as anyone, and if I had the money, I'd have a Cobra, too.

I look forward to getting your advice in the future!
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Hey a Mustang is a Mustang is a Mustang! We love and respect all models here... that's what AFM is about. My wife and I were up in Baltimore a few years ago and loved it... have some crab cakes for us while you're there.

Enjoy the site and let us help any way we can.:bigthumbsup
i just signed up to the site aswell. i just bought a 1988 5.0 mustang!!! ive loved them since i knew what a car was ( thanks to my dad) !!! lol
Victoria welcome to the site. We have far more just regular Mustang than Cobra's Saleen's or any thing else. So need to feel like a loser. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
Welcome, glad to see another lady stanger out there enjoying the car.:bigthumbsup
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