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There are 2 plugs going into the factory harness 1 side runs all power functions including a provision for an amp which I’m not using and 1 plug for all speakers. The speaker side is the one with the issue. The pictures I post are of the speakers. I have 8 wires in the normal colors of grey, white, green and purple however the car side only has 5 wires 1 of which is black so most likely a ground. I’m beginning to think they are for a factory amp and are high level inputs.

Ok, after finally finding a decent wiring diagram the 5 wires, G,Blk,Bl,W and P are inputs for a factory amp. Tomorrow I’ll find the output from the amp for the speakers and see what kind of connector that has. Some times you just need a sounding board and suggestions. Thanks guys.
They sell plug kits that will plug into factory harness and then you wire it to the head unit. Done many of them with those and makes life so much easier with no guessing

Wiring kit
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