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1994/1995 Mustang 4.6 4 Valve Swap

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Hey all, in the future I plan on picking up a second 1994-1995 Mustang GT to accompany the current '95 GTS. I'll be swapping in a 4.6 DOHC I'm in the process of building (slowly...) and I've been doing as much research as possible before starting this and asking to see if anyone else has done this swap SPECIFICALLY on a 5.0 SN-95 and not an existing 1996-1998 GT.

I pulled a running motor from a 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII. I'm aware of quite few parts that are needed and have already assembled a multitude of them.

Parts I currently have:

1997 Mustang SVT Cobra intake manifold

1997 Mustang SVT Cobra throttle body

1996 Mustang SVT Cobra ECU, PATS module, key and cylinder (matching set from 1 car)

1996 Mustang SVT Cobra engine bay power distribution harness

1996 Mustang SVT Cobra engine wiring harness

1997 Mustang SVT Cobra complete cylinder heads

MMR IMRC Delete plates

1997 Mustang SVT Cobra throttle cable

1997 Mustang SVT Cobra fuel lines

Unstamped OEM SVT Cobra valve cover plaque
1996 Cobra engine oil cooler
2003 Terminator crankshaft
1998 Cobra crankshaft

Parts I know/think I'll need:

2005-2010 Mustang GT windage tray and hardware kit

Billet oil pump gears and high volume oil pump

1996-Up Mustang GT/Cobra engine oil pan

1996-1998 SVT Cobra engine oil dipstick

Oil separator kit

1996-1997 Mustang SVT Cobra fuel rail

Tubular K-member for 4.6

1996-1998 Mustang SVT Cobra engine oil cooler

Forged rotating assembly

Procharger setup

Bell housing adapter for choice of transmission

Flexplate/Flywheel for choice of transmission

T-56 transmission or built C4 w/ manual valve body and trans-brake

I'm looking to see if anyone else has done a swap like this into a 1994-1995 car. Thanks in advance!!!
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Only thing i see missing is motor mounts
clutch set if 5 speed
clutch cable and pedal if 5 speed
trans lines if auto
bunch of misc.little things
about 15000 before driving but will be worth it.
Yeah, I figured it's going to be a lot of miscellaneous parts, and it will also depend on what type of transmission I go with.

I plan on picking up a shop manual for a 1996-1998 Cobra to help narrow down as many OEM parts I'll need to. Also going with long tube headers, electric cutouts, x-pipe, and mufflers with turndowns.

I'm also torn on whether or not to stay with stock bore or go with a 5.0 stroker kit...when I build this motor, I want to build it once lol.
Jeeze jg, sounds like A LOT of work. How come you are so intent on putting all that modular motor into a SN-95? The labor sounds horrific. Why don't you just buy a 96' and call it done?
Well I live in New York and with our emission laws, it's a LOT easier to do this swap on a 1994/1995 car and still be able to register and insure it for the road.

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That's pretty rough stuff. Looks like you got quite the project ahead of you. That swap would never fly here in CA. If the motor you want to install wasn't offered for that particular year of the vehicle, it won't pass. Being a 4.6 into a sn-95 it wouldn't. Smog is a joke out here. Every two years I got to drag the stock, restrictive, garbage, beast of a stock ford H- pipe out of my moms back yard ( where I store it under a tarp) and bolt it up to my 95 so it will pass visual. Then guess what..... Back to moms to put the bbk x-pipe back on! Good luck.
Yikes, that sounds like a rough deal too...

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Back with an update y'all! Recently picked up an OEM engine oil cooler off of a 1996 Cobra, a factory forged crank out of a 2003 Termi...and a factory forged crank out of a 1998 Cobra (spun a bearing but looks to be okay). I actually almost had a third crank on the way that had already been machined out of a 1997 Cobra...but I got beat out on eBay for it...which is probably a good thing with the holiday being so close!

I plan on having both cranks checked and and machined and keep the second one as a spare if I ever need it while the 'better' one goes into the build.

A little while ago I got my hands on a NOS original unstamped SVT plaque (not a cheap painted one, an actual one). I think it'll be a nice touch to get a signature of everyone who helps me out with the motor and have all of our signatures resized and stamped into it before installing it, kind of another unique touch.

I've been trying to go "budget/junkyard" build as much as possible...but there are things that I just won't be able to (or feel comfortable in doing so). I want to go with MMR's 7 quart oil pan and pick up tube, but I'm still torn on going with their windage tray or using a 2005-2010 GT tray...but the benefit of this not having a car to go into (since the GTS is going to stay the cruiser) is that I don't have to decide for a long time.

Thanks for reading in y'all! I'll get back here when I've got some more updates!

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