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1994-1995 Mustang Mach460 Rear Speaker Removal?

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Hey...does any one know how you revove the rear 6 1/2 inch speaker's?....I poped off the covers and there imbeded in are you supposed to remove them?...Mine are blown and I want to replace...thanx for the help...Charlie
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There should be some screws holding them in.
There is screws holding them in...but they are embeded back in the panel to where you can not stick a philips head in you need some special screwdriver?
Probably do, I just don't know which one you'd need then. Maybe someone else knows?
Hard to believe no one has ever replaced these them not gonna pay 60.00 for someone to install new ones...please help!!!!
just did it this weekend, pull the speaker grilles off fold the back seat down. remove the peace of leather padding that runs across where the top of the seats would be if they where up. then remove the carpeted peace from the back window. you will then see 6 10mm or 12mm nuts remove them and the whole assembly juts drops down in the trunk.

we removed the 6x9's and replaced with new ones and reinstalled it.
sorry did not see where it said anything about a vert.
it's kewl...i so wish someone out there has changed not gonna pay 60.00 for someone else to replace these...please help!!!!!!!!!!
post some pics of the speakers.. Maybe you have to take the rear panels out to get to the speakers.
ok will do...been looking all over the internet for this answer...and no where to be found...i would have to take the back seat and rear panels out to get to the speakers?...that would suk....
The first thing to do is remove the back seat. That will give to access to remove the rear quarter trim panel. Once removed you'll have access to the speakers.
hey...thank you...for your help!
:scratchchinback seats have 2 little tabs that need to be pushed in to ge the bottom off was kinda hard to push my in so good luck. be carfull poping the plastic clips off the seat suport they break easy as can be.
ok....right on dude!!!
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