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1994 3.8L V6 Conversion to Street-Rod

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New to the site.. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I have a 1994 3.8L V6 automatic Mustang that I am in the process of converting to a street-rod. What I want is a really sharp car that sounds and looks good. I am not looking for a 10 second quarter mile car or anything like that. Just something that I can drive around town.

I'm going to put a 302 in it and was wondering if anyone could help and let me know what accessories from my current car I can use.

Strong transmission.. Can I use the same one?

I'm basically looking to reuse any parts from the current car to save money.

Thanks a lot for everyone's help.

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Welcome to AFM! Check out our V6 and 5.0 sections and you'll turn up a ton of good threads on those that have done engine swaps of this kind. The search function is at the top right of the screen and is pretty darn good! Thanks for finding us and keep us posted on your progress. Are you going for a stock look on the exterior or something really wild?
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Going to drop the car two inches. Stagger my rims with (I think) 17s in front 18s in back.. all black of course with red calipers. Might end up putting a little kit on the front/rear bumpers but I'll worry about that later lol. Thanks for the response and I'll check out that section.
Welcome to AFM. Good luck on your swap.:bigthumbsup
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