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1994 5.0 Mustang Valve Problem!

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Hi everyone I have a 94 5.0 with the b303 cam and I keep breaking rocker arm bolts. Is this a problem or do I have to get shorter push rods? if so does anyone know the lenth I sould get?
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Hi there and welcome to the site. I am sure that someone on this site can help you out with your problem.
the bolts could b to tight maybe?...the good engine guys will know lol
Where are these rocker arm bolts located?

In the future, when something mechanical in the engine breaks... that would be the time to isolate what it is that made it malfunction.

Whether stud or bolt... my guess is your install height is too short or your springs are binding.
Do you have ARP bolts? I would assume that you do not. You may have over tightened the studs/rockers. Before they break, do you hear metal on metal noise? Have you checked your valves? and/or piston to valve clearance?
to get the proper length you need to take it to a performance shop that has the tool to measure it. It looks just like a push rod but is adjustable. basically the roller tip of the rocker should be center on the valve.

Who put your rockers on and what kind are they?

professional products rockers always break
Little more info....

What kind of rockers? Stud or bolt down?
Were the springs replaced when you swapped cams? If so, which ones did you get?
Were the pushrods replaced when you swapped cams? If so, which ones did you get?
What procedure was done when the rockers were installed?
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