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1994 auto antenna

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Recently junked the old factory radio/cd/mini disc player (yes, mini disc - it's a 'Jap import') and fitted a modern Pioneer cd/radio. Now I can't get the auto antenna to work? Attached the Pioneer's blue/white antenna wire to the blue wire on car connector but nothing!
Any ideas?
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I'm not aware of any mustangs in that year range having a stock power antenna. It should just screw into the base on the right/passenger front quarter panel. Was it retracting/extending before? Sounds more like an aftermarket part.

edit: I looked at the picture of the black 94 Mustang in your album, I'm assuming I'm looking at the one you're talking about. It doesn't seem to be the stock antenna. The only thing I could suggest is to double check all your connections, fuses and any connections directly to or from the antenna.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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