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1994 Cobra Gear Replacement?

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Hello guys, I'am wanting to change the 3:08 stock gears in my 1994 cobra to either 3:55 or 3:73. I am not sure which would improve my overall performance considering I do a lot of Highway driving.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :)
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well 3.73s would improve it the most
I went w/3:73's, a major improvement in performance w/only a slight difference in mpg. A good set up for every day driving. I would recommend that you use Ford racing gears, higher quality and quieter than after market gears.
I remember when I went from 3.08's to 3.73's in my 95GT and it was a world of difference.
Awesome! Thanks a bunch guys. That sounds like what i'm going to do then :)
Exactly how much highway driving are you talking about? Everyday twice a day for 45 mins a trip? The 3.73 will be the overall better performer,but if you use this car as a daily driver,and use your car as I stated, the 3.55 may be more beneficial to you. I say go for it though and get the 3.73!!
Usually i'll make about a 150mi trip up to phoenix from Tucson once a month to visit family other than that I'm in the city. This car is my daily driver. Thanks for the suggestions! I think once I get the money to change the gears I will definitely change to the 3:73s.
3.73's NEXT question:yup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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