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1994 ecu

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i still have the up and down problem.i have to put the transmission on park because my car want to stop when im on a red light.when i try to move from park to the 'd',the car want to stop.i have to gave it some gas because the car will stop. i heard that the 1994 ecu doesn't like mods??i need some realy good answer because i tired about this f... problem,thank's!!!
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Maybe you can start by telling us what you have done to the car.
sorry!! i moded my engine with gt-40 ported heads,24lbs maf,24lbs delphi injectors,cobra cam,1.7 roller rockers,cold air intake,underdrive pulley's,professional products lower and upper intake,70mm throttle body,1 5/8 headers,magnaflow cat back,190lph fuel pump and a new shift kits for my aode transmission
By Cobra cam do you mean the E-cam? And what is your idle set to?
1994 cobra cam E303.the idle is around 900 or 1000 rpm
I had the same problem, the cam is what's causing the issue.
I recall we tried several things to get it to stop shutting off but I dont think that any one of them was the answer by itself.

My car in park idles at about 900-1000 (Keeping the idle high helped)

I also have a custom chip. (Also helped)

And I have a Pro-M Optimizer. (It connects to the MAF) When I got this and tuned the car with it all the shutting off issues ended. I dont know if it was a combination of all three things, but its very possible that the optimizer is what fixed the problem by itself.
sly_1969 said:
1994 cobra cam E303.
Despite what you may have read or heard, the "Cobra" cam and the E303 are NOT one in the same.
i know that is E-303 there a way to check if it's a cam problem or something else???
If you search around youll see that this is a fairly common issue with the e-cam and automatics.
one of my friend told me that the throttle body need a small hole on the flapper to let the air goes in.i have a Professional Products throttle body and i think i don't have this small hole.before a drill the hole on the flapper,do you think it could be problem???because the problem is when my car is on park the rpm goes always 600-900rpm,thank's!!!
you only need to drill the hole if your out of idle screw....i think im at a 3/16 hole......if you have a cam in a auto you need a converter....did you try to clean the idle control motor??
We got mine to work prior to the higher stall converter on the Lentech. Again, in my case im pretty sure that what finally got it settle down was the Pro-M optimizer.
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