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1994 GT upgrade recommendations

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Hey guys, just wanted to hear some suggestions and reviews on a set up I was thinking about piecing together once I have the money. I was thinking some thing along the lines of AFR 165cc outlaw street heads (60cc chambers), Aluminum 1.7 roller rockers, trick flow street intake manifold, and either a 65 or 70mm TB? It will be my daily driver that can also carry its weight in the 1/4 mile.

Open to all suggestions on part selection and what ever else you would do different.

The car currently has headers, cold air intake, 3.73s, x off road pipe
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what about a cam?
Iv been reading and most say the stock cam is not too bad. I also read this Ford 302 V8 Engine Buildup- Car Craft Magazine
Good article I read it a few years ago.. Very impressive, but carb'd. Doing it fuel injected will cost ALOT more. But is a good start, you will really feel those heads with a good cam and intake later.
I hear you on that one haha. So you think just do a cam wile im at it? Also whats the most logical and cost effective order to do the upgrades in? Clearly heads will be most expensive and noticeable, should they be done first or later on?
If your going to have it all apart I would swap for a better cam also.
I agree, save a little more money and do it all at once, heads, cam, intake, injectors, roller rockers,etc. I have those same heads and love them. If you do buy a cam and are doing the work yourself you should also degree the cam, dont just throw it in there. Also you should go with stronger pushrods and you will have to measure for correct pushrod length. A tfs stage 1 cam or the comp xe270hr cam that i have would be good choices for those heads, and a trickflow street intake should do well. From what ive heard the 94-95 5.0 computers arent as flexible as the 89-93 ones, so you may need a tune.
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Like nitrous said you kind of have to do it all at once. reasoning is for example you send the block out to get freshened up with some new bearings and a hone or bore if required and think well I'm in there so might as well toss in a cam.. Then your money is gone for a while and you slap it all back together to drive it for now.. That cam could really hurt your stock valve springs on the heads or run like a bag 'o crap from valve float and what's the point in sending them out for new springs and a refresh to take off in 2 months and take away from that afr money :bigthumbsup get it?
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Thanks for the info guys. Yeah what I was afraid of, doing it all at once (only due to the cost), I know it works better once you get every thing flowing together. And that does make sense to toss in a cam wile its torn down. Would the trick flow intake and TB be a good start? Then move to heads cam and rollers all at once?
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Sure... Itll look good for now and Is a cheaper start. It'll all come alive in the end though. Try to match the opening on the intake with your tb diameter so you do it once and dont need to go in and blend it to match..

Easy bolt on install also

Go for it man
I was thinking Stack Racing Polished 70mm Throttle Body (94-95 Mustang GT) at - Free Shipping! After hearing all the bad reviews with BBK dont want to mess with one of them.
Id go accufab.. Good performing brand name
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