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1994 Mustang GT Cooling/Temperature- Need Help

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Hello all and thanks in advance.

I just traded my bro-in-law for my 93 4runner. New to the mustang scene. Already I'm stoked for some modding. But 1st to fix the issues with the beast.

I'm having temp. issues: please read and reply with ANY ideas.

-Filled Rad & overflow to correct levels
-Start Car
-Idles 800-1000RPM, A/F mixture/ecu issue, I think, kinda glugs, throttle response poor, have 70mm TB & Cold Air, could be this?
-1 min. then idles fine, temp. @ cold start already low-mid (should be minimum on any other vehicle I've had) on guage.
-Let warm +/- 3 min. temp @ normal-mid-high, idles normal throttle response normal.
-Go for run up street & back 1mile total, temp guage reading just under redline.
-Get back and burp system. Rad Fluid spurts out, fluid is very cold, same temp as when I started the car.
-Temp on guage still redline so fan is on and working.
-Oil pressure just above mid.

Thinking that the sensor is working and it's either clogged or my water pump is gone.

Re&Re on temp sending unit Feb-06

Need your help here guys, thanks :bigthumbsup
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welcome to the site,enjoy!!!! could be a bad thermostat.
If i understand you say your radiator coolant is cool and does not spourts out fluid and your gauge is wrong...i had this same turned out to be the temperature sending i replaced w/ a pod gauge...and why it would spourt fluid out the overflow was due to a bad heater core.
why would my coolant be cold, shouldn't it have atleast been warm-hot if it were circulating?
sry, but what is a temp sending unit... not familiar.
A temperature sending unit is what sends the temperature info to the computer so it can adjust the air fuel mixture. If it's not operating properly, the car will be affected because the computer will be making erratic changes to the operation of the engine.
It could be a stuck thermostat, or if there isn't one in there, put one in. That could explain why the temp is cold in the radiator but the engine temp is reading hot. Then I'd suspect the water pump, either way it sounds like the coolant isn't circulating properly.
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