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Hey all, so today I decided it was about time to finish up my ignition tune-up for the spring. I've had some Motorcraft Platinum plugs sitting around since the winter, gapped and ready to go. I went to the auto parts store and picked up some 25$ OE style plug wires which I figured would be sufficient until I felt like ordering some FRPP plugs. So I got all the plugs out, greased up the new plugs with Dielectric grease and installed those plugs. Next, I replaced the wires one at a time, and bada bing bada boom, I was done. ~ Or so I thought. :banghead:

When I thought I was all done, I buttoned everything up (CAI, smog tube bracket) and started it up. It ran, but not well, it "bucked" at any Idling RPM below 1500 or so, and was noticeably shaky. I drove it nowhere for fear of pinging under load at higher RPM's.
1. I first thought it was maybe a bad connection between plug and wire boot, so I snugged all of them down and made SURE everything was set to run.
2. I checked the distributor boot connections and made sure they were snug as well.
3. Then I got online and did some slight researching about similar problems after changing ignition related parts.

ALSO a good thing to ask about while I'm posting is the EGR tube, I know both topics are way over-rated but I created a small crack in mine about 1 inch after the EGR valve, I consider it luck that I didn't snap it off at the header. I took a pair of pliers and did a decent job of pinching it sort of closed. So I know that is also a problem, but after I had started the car a couple of times while running rough, I realized that the plug wires were not in the correct order, so I rearranged them in the right order and then the car wouldn't start at all. I swear nothing changed in between the time I started it with the wires in the wrong order, and the wires in the right order.

So far the car has not started again, it has come mighty close but the started cuts out and clicks as if it has no more juice feeding it.
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