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1994 v6 3.8L red convertible stolen in AZ 11-27-12

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This is my first post. Not because I never read the site, but because I always find the answer to what I'm looking for from you guys. On 11/27/2012 my mustang was stolen right in front of my work in phoenix, az near 44th street and thomas road. It was by far the worst day I can remember. I was near the front of the store and I saw my brake lights flash, and I immediately started running towards my car. The thief started to drive off and when he noticed he took off and I called 911 and filed the appropriate paperwork with the police. Unfortunately, the car has not yet been recovered.

Thank you manystangs for informing me the professional thieves only focus on the newer models... it makes me feel like this is more a finding the jackass. Which is where I'm hoping you guys can help.

The plate number is AVT 5009. There is a dent in the passenger side fender and most likely the turn signal is hanging out... My next project was scheduled to be replacing the headlight housing and turn signal after a recent accident.

If anyone in the phoenix metropolitan area sees this mustang please call the local police in your city.

If its driving just call 911 cause that would seem to be a crime in progress, driving a stolen vehicle.

If its parked, I have included the following police reporting lines

Phoenix 602-262-6151
Scottsdale 480-312-5000
Tempe 480-350-4311
Mesa 480 644-2011
Paradise Valley 480 948-7410
Glendale 623 930-3000
Avondale 623 333-7000
Chandler 480-782-4130
Gilbert 480 503-6500
Tolleson 623 936-7186
Goodyear - 623-932-1220

If I haven't listed a number for your city just call 911. I will post an update as soon as the car is found.

I believe in AZ we still have hanging horse thieves on the books somewhere.... can we still enforce this? sheriff?


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im in sierra vista so if the dirty thief is heading towards mexico ill stop him!!! but in all seriousness ill keep an eye out in the sierra vista/tucson area
Thank you... This is the first time I've ever had a car I like and the first time I've ever had one stolen, or know someone who had. Its a double yuck...
I'm in NE Phoenix. I'll keep an eye out. What wheels are on it?
just stock mustang wheels... one of my aluminum wheels got cracked and i was not able to replace it, so i just got four stock wheels.

Thank you

ps you always have the best burns for people asking stupid questions on this site
Oh ok, I was looking on mobile and didn't notice the attachment.

Those are 94-98 GT 16s which are aluminum as well.
I see, thanks for that bit of info. the guy my wife originally purchased the vehicle off of back in 1999 had aftermarket wheels on it.. we couldn't even find a replacement for it...
i will keep an eye out out here, when i started reading i thought i mighta seen it but its not. Yesterday there was one of the exact description in the median with cops wrecked, but it was a new edge model, but same color and a convertible...

This does beg the question, does that car not have PATS, or is it somehow easily defeated, or were the keys in it?

This renews my want to put a GPS tracker on my car, the kind you can get to locate lost children etc. I dont want
to get a phone call saying they found it, i want to thank the thief myself.
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It does not have an aftermarket anti theft system... if that's what you're asking by PATS.

Myself and my wife had actually already discussed the gps tracker idea since the theft...

All the door locks and windows were fully functional and in use.

Unfortunately I guess I overlooked that the 94' needed an anti theft system... we actually thought the 05 would be a more likely target..

either way

now I'm left to watch the phone constantly
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PATS = passive anti theft system = chipped keys, and it started in 96.

Was the ignition cylinder all screwy in yours? Real common problem on the 94 95 cars.
on my way to go pick it up still waiting on taxi....

why dont taxis drive mustangs :smilie

will post follow ups on fixing the **** they ****** up
actually they only got 4 miles... no damage... other than what I was already working on fixing....

I guess sprinting after them convinced them it would be a good idea to get rid of it quickly...

It's the happiest ending to this I could've imagined...

they stole my 5 dollar socket and wrench set... can we all say stupid hoodrat MFers.

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yes metalman it was... any Ideas or good shops to get that fixed at?

Its really screwy now... Using a fricking screwdriver to start it
just to clarify I'm not I realigned it and I am using the key... but now its way worse
OK, security system time, and perhaps lowjack, i didnt know that model doesnt have PATS from the factory, if it did they probably wouldnt have even gotten out of the parking lot.

Make sure any security system you get disables the ignition system, that way either it wont crank, or it will crank but not fire up.

Hell if nothing else get the 39 dollor accessory remote kit from autozone for accessory lighting, it lets you turn on and off any 4 accessories in the car. And a pair of 2 post relays from radioshack and splice them into the coilpack feed cable.

then it will never fire period unless you enable the coil with the extra remote. its a ******* engineering method, but it works and its cheap. Also gives you a easy way to kill switch it if needed.
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Go to the auto parts store, buy a lock cylinder for like 20 bucks. Take it to any locksmith and get it rekeyed for like 10 bucks. Install yourself in like 15 minutes. It's easy.
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