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Hey guys, to start off I'm pretty new to this website and pretty inexperienced at wrenching. I feel that I know more than most average people about cars, but don't have that much experience so any help is much appreciated.

I have a 95 gt and I recently put bbk long tubes, bbk off road x-pipe, and pypes violator exhaust. My baby has been running pretty rough at idle and when I am in overdrive. I had it scanned and codes for the MAF, EGR valve and both O2 sensors came up. I took it to a friend and he had me unhook the MAF and see how it rides, it helped. I replaced the MAF sensor today, and it still idles rough but not as bad. He also had me replace the cap and rotor (which also helped a little).

My first question is will it take a little bit for the computer to adjust to the new MAF and smooth out the idle?

Also, I would like to test the O2 sensors to see if they are bad or not. Is there a way to do this (similar to unplugging the MAF)?

It seems like everything that I do makes it run a little better each time so I'm guessing that it's a number of things causing the problem.

Side note, I havent replaced the plug wires since I have had it (from about 115,000 and now at 131,000 miles), I got a new air filter about 10k miles ago, and new plugs about 5k miles ago (when i put the exhaust on)
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