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1995 mustang emission problem

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first off i have a 95 mustang 160 000 km 3.8l v6

my engine light is on and its saying O2 sensor but ive replaced them all within the last year and a half when i start it it runs like **** almost wants to die on me but i just rev it up and its fine after a min or 2. you can also smell gas when you get out

sometimes when im driving it it feels like it doesnt have the power it should . its also really bad on gas

now im hearing sounds underneath like it almost sounds like draging but i look and nothing looks like its falling and also a couple times when im braking it itll still brake then itll go foward even if i have my foot on the break like kinda like it doesnt wanna rev down? not too sure but i do love my car but this is making me hate it . if anyone could help that would be wonderfull dont wanna keep on spending on 02 sensors
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The members that really know their way around these cars will ask that all the codes be posted. That will enable a more precise diagnosis. On a more generic note, my 95 was loaded with leaky vacuum lines, dirty iac valve, and the noise from underneath could possibly be an internally disintegrating cat. This is stuff you can look at and report back here until the pro's read your post...good luck.
Check for a hole in your EGR tube off the exhaust manifold. I broke the tube while moving it out of the way one time causing the same exact problem.

Pretty much really check for a exhaust leak of any kind. and make sure O2 sensors wires are completely connected.
Get PCM codes pulled from auto parts store & post them.
ok thanks maybe ill go see my mechanic for the tubing tomorrow or tues. or is it easy that i can get to it?

as for the codes im pretty sure thier the regular o2 codes low bank 1 and 2 but ill see if i can get them
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