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1995 mustang with slight problem need help

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hi im michael carlisle. im 22 and am currently in the US Army. i own a 1995 ford mustang that is being speced for raceing. i have a 3.8, 323 cubic inch engine and block. boreing done yet and i have a 4 speed automatic transmission which i plan to replace with a mickey 5 speed. the car is in decent condtion and i bought it for $2500 total. i am currenly rebuilding a 351 cleavland engine to replace the v6 that it came with. i have the new mounat and everything to be put in when we pull everything out and get ready for the full thinking the total cost is goining to be aroung $15,000 total. i have the raceing slicks curently on the car and i am doin slight mods to the 3.8 thats in there now. with the 3.8 ive clocked my fastest quarter mile in 13.7 and 0-60 in 6.0 i can probibly do better but im not really sure how cause im at a loss right now with a leak.

the car curently has the following symptoms:
mass over heating
hoses hot consitanly
too much pressure built up
coolant leak looks like from resivior but its not
might be thermostat, but checked and airs getting in
new mass flow sensor installed
new air filter
water pumps good, internal wheels in good condition
radiatior might be cracked but have checked and ran a hose through it and no aparent leaks anywhere
fan cuts in when car is almost about to cut off and cools untill it sits at 1/4 guage
oil pressure gauge reads over 3/4ths when car is ran
after about 15-20 minutes car cuts off from over heating.

the only other opton i can come up with is a possible manifold gasket but im not sure any one have any other opinions?
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Welcome aboard.. We'll find you some help in here.
thanks and i hope so im lost and still tryin to find out what else it might be
thanks i was kinda afriad of that...
Does sound like a head gasket so here is a test you can do.
Remove spark plugs and rad. cap. use compressed air to each cyl and see if coolant comes out the rad. If it does, it could be cracked head or just head gasket.
You said it gets hot enough to die? That's not good, my friend, it will cause serious damage to the heads.
You have a coolant bleeder on the top of the engine behind the thermostat that has to be bleed anytime the cooling system has been open. It's a round white looking cap of sort with a bolt in the middle of it.
Remove rad. cap, start engine, open bleeder and watch for air, close the bleeder when you run just coolant.
For your fan to come on after the engine is too hot makes me think you have air in the top of the motor, which will not let the sencor work correctly because it's not in coolant.
Try this and let us know.
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