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1996-1998 Mustangs, how are they on fuel economy??

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hey guys, just as the title says, how are these cars on fuel economy (personal averages would be most preferred cuz i dont believe the professional reviews that say 18mpg when my 94 5.0 got 22mpg lol) so please let me know what you get or what u know some of ur friends got for economy, highway or around town or both... i would like to know, i want another sn95 with a 5.0 but i found a 97 4.6 for the right price and i want it lol but im curious about economy, shouldnt it be better??? :D
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i have a 1996 cobra and get 23 mpg unless i cram it
I have a 96 SVT Cobra Convertible, with a 4.10 geared rear last dynoed at 402rwhp, and 418rwtq N/A. As long as I keep my right foot out of it, I get 21mpg. city and highway and that's realistic. SCT tuned by me, Mike. SCT Tuner.:bigthumbsup
With the stock 3.27 gears, and being very nice on the throttle, I averaged 26mpg on my last road trip up I-95. Around town, I can't seem to be easy on the gas, and average 14mpg. I'm sure I could get 18-20 if I drove a little easier in town though.
awesome thanks everyone:bigthumbsup
96GT Convertible - stock 2.73's... mods in sig... 25-26ish when I keep off the go-go pedal.

The 4.6's do pretty well especially when they're in good tune!

on my last tank i got 21 mpg, strickly city driving and i wasnt exactly light on the pedal "all" the time
i get 200miles to a tank.

all ive got is an offroad h pipe, and k&n intake
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