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1996 gt and spray

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hi peoples, still waiting on a fiew things to finish my vortech install but i have i think every thing to play with the spray. i dont have a chip so how can i retard my timing? and is 1 degree good for each 50. the 4.6 is stock exept for PI heads and intake.also what plugs should i be running with the spray? will 100 shot be ok on that plastic intake ? i really appreciate u guys and gals imput, this forum has really tought me some stuff.Please keep up the great advise.
thanks Monty
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Depending on milage Id be more worried about the block than manifold. Boost and nitrous may be too much of a strain on an engine with 100kmi or more. My advice, if you havent done internals yet, get em done. And the most Id venture off to is a 75 shot(what Im running).
If you don't have things like a bottle warmer, window switch, nitrous pressure gauge, and purge system, then no, you don't have everything you need, especially with a supercharged setup.

I would suggest you get the VorTech dialed in before messing with nitrous, UNLESS the plan is to do them both, and then get at least 2 custom tunes installed (1 for WITH nitrous, and 1 without). If you plan to do some running at the track on race gas, I would also have a custom tune for THAT.

If you aren't including an intercooler (or as VorTech calls their version, "aftercooler") with the new blower, I would recommend THAT first instead of nitrous.

Finally, I would agree that adding a shot of nitrous on TOP of a new blower on an old engine is pushing your luck too far. Just speaking as to averages, most 96's with average miles are nearing a "time to overhaul" point at best, as are their transmissions (particularly if with a T45) and not to mention the odd clutch component.

Neither will be happy trying to handle 500 foot pounds of torque.
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i dont have the blower on yet just wanted to do alittle playing while i get injectors 42 lb i think .bbk throttle body,fuel pump and short list of other stuff.
some companies make a timing adjuster,a kit that relocates the crank position sensor and enables you to advance or retard base timing.some ignition aftermarket components give you the option of retard the timing using a signal wire.:)
some companies make a timing adjuster,a kit that enables you to relocate the crank position sensor and advance or retard timing.some aftermarket ignition components give you the option of retard the timing base on a signal from a wire.
yeah that combo will be sick but make sure ur internals can take it. Ya might wanna get a new intake manifold. And remember not to hit the juice below 2500 rpms
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