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1996 Mustang Cobra SVT Maintenance

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Hi All,

I would like some guidance on doing some proper maintenance on my car. I had it fro about 2 months now and it was parked for a very long time before I bought it. Car runs like new but I had to greace my tie-rodens because they were squeeking. I also cleanned up my K&N filter.... Was really dirty... Any suggestions on what I could do to make sure its in proper shape and on making sure Im getting all the power it can give?

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change ALL fluids, change spark plugs and wires, get new tires, check the brake pads rotors, I have well over 150K miles on my original motor/trans, if you take care of them they take care of you...
make sure that radiator is up to snuff, the cars run notoriously first ever mod on my 96 was a 3 core radiator. Don't be alarmed if you notice the temp guage move up on a warm day, however here in Florida we need alot more cooling than you may ever up there in Canada
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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