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1996 Mustang Cobra SVT Maintenance

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Hi All,

I would like some guidance on doing some proper maintenance on my car. I had it fro about 2 months now and it was parked for a very long time before I bought it. Car runs like new but I had to greace my tie-rodens because they were squeeking. I also cleanned up my K&N filter.... Was really dirty... Any suggestions on what I could do to make sure its in proper shape and on making sure Im getting all the power it can give?

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The normal stuff. Replace fuel filter. Change oil and filter -use a good quality oil and only Motorsport oil filters. Let's see, you have coil pack wires, right? Maybe replace the plug wires and the plugs - be careful with the plugs - only change when it is dead nuts cold and torque to spec. There are only 4 complete threads on these heads and they can be stripped if you over-torque. Maybe change the tranny fluid - use only Mercon V (or whatever is the latest - I used Mobil 1 ATF and it shifts great). Maybe change the rear end lube with Mobil 1 - you have to remove the backing plate and re-seal with gray silicone sealant.

These cars are fun to drive, huh? How does the tire rubber look? Enjoy!!
Oh, yeah, the 96's had either a TSB or a recall on them for overheating - the AC condenser's fins were too dense and blocked the airflow through to the radiator. Many were fixed and yours could be one of them. Just watch the temp gauge and make sure your oil is full (they are notorious for spun bearings when your oil gets low) and watch to ensure your coolant is full.

Agian, good luck with the new ride!!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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