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1996 mustang coupe 3.8 problems need fixing

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hi all..well i have a 1996 mustang 3.8 litre automatic coupe
- problems i have with it are,,spedometer now sticks...when i start the car in the moring it is fine and running and when it warms up and stops and will come back here and can this be fixed and how..thanks
- temperature gauge problem...well when car is running and should be at half,,it goes to red line and than back to the middle and than floats back to red line and goes back to middle,,just got a new rad last year,,,what can this probem be,,,thanks
and finally my service light and airbag lights are on..for the engine light could be a sensor or anything
need advice thanks
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check your speedo gear in your tranny.....should be on the driver's side of the trans, remove the 10mm bolt and the hold down bracket and pull the cable out, look on the end of it and see if the teeth are all chewed up....

check your thermostat......and with your car just sitting in the drive or where ever, remove the cap, start the car and let it idle for about 15 to 20 minutes.....till you know the thermostat is open, this will help ensure you have no air pocket's in the system..

you will need to check for code's on your puter.......

hotwheels of

the 96 stangs used a electric speedo, it sound like the vehicle speed sensor, next time it happens try you cruise if cruise control dont work its the v.s.s.
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