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1996 mustang lighting issues

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I am having 2 issues dealing my interior lights.The first issue is the courtesy light in my trunk it has never came on.I didnt know i had one until a girlfriend pointed out i should.I found the socked installed a bulb and nothing.My license plate and 3rd brake light works.i just recently found a plug tucked inside the deck lid.It look like it plugged into something that was on the lid the mount holes is still there,It reminds me of the light switch under my hood.Any suggestions or pictures i can go buy.The car is a 96 gt 4.6
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Usually with the trunk light it'll turn on with a switch or something like that to when you lift the truck it'll disengage the switch and activate the light. I'll see if I can find it on mine and point it out....pretty sure it's around the trunk latch but I could be wrong. Might want to try replacing the bulb and hitting the connector with some electrical cleaner

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thanks for the input you was right there was a switch close to the latch but it is lone gone now.i ran a jumper wire on the plug and the light came on.i am going to a junk yard friday to hunt one down
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