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New member so sorry if I'm already breaking some rules :worship:

A friend of mine offered to sell me his 1996 Mustang coupe, originally a V6 but upgraded to a 302 from a 1971 Torino with a 4 barrel carburetor.

I just have a few questions before I actually complete the deal:
1.) This car has a lot of wires going everywhere - How much work would it be to disconnect, reroute and rewire everything? To my knowledge, this engine has little to no electronic components, so it should just involve the gauges, lights and fuel pump, correct?

2.) The car is straight piped and I think it sounds too much like a truck. What kind of exhaust could I buy for this? Would buying a kit for a regular 1996 mustang attach to this engine?

3.) I would like to have some sort of ram air scoop (sorry if this isn't the correct name for it, I'll attach a picture to show what I mean) - is it as simple as cutting a hole in the hood and attaching the intake?

4.) Does this engine require premium (93 octane) fuel? The current owner says that's what he uses, and I am fine using the same if the engine requires it, but I don't want to waste money of that octane isn't necessary.

5.) Currently there is a big after-market tachometer on the dash - I'd like to reconnect the factory tachometer, but in either scenario I'm left with a question - The factory gauge is for a 1996 V6, which off the top of my head I believe redlines at 5000 RPM, and the after-market tachometer has an adjustable redline. What was the original redline for this engine?

Thanks in advance! I can't wait to own my first Mustang! Tired of driving my brothers :p


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