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The glaring issue here is that since the manifold that you have pictured on the car already has the aluminum coolant crossover that means it already is a 2001-04 PI intake. I can even see the 2001-04 alternator bracket but with the older original alternator. It would seem that the previous owner already did the PI swap and then got confused just as you are on the hose and alternator parts.
What did that other 1999 intake you bought come off of?
Those hoses shouldn't be on there if it was off of any 1996-04 Mustang GT.
Did you also take the heads off the 1999 or just the intake?
I believe that you would have needed the heads as well since the PI intake supposedly isn't compatible with the non-PI heads and so they always have to be done as a complete set.
Mustang PI Intake Manifold Swap Overview (
Mustang PI Swap Guide -
The 2001+ Mustang 4.6 had a slightly different hose routing due to an update/redesign on the PI intake that made the coolant crossover aluminum and dimensionally bigger compared to the 1999-00 totally plastic PI intake. Therefore, you need the 2001-04 coolant/heater hoses and 2001-04 specific alternator bracket(you already have it) with newer alternator as well. LMR makes the hose kit that you need. You need a newer used or rebuilt alternator with the top side mounting bolts.
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The "sensor" that you want to identify is actually the EGR valve vacuum control solenoid. It mounts next to the EGR valve on 1996-1997/98. For 1997/98-04 it's behind the EGR on a bracket near the firewall.
1991-2011 Ford Vacuum Regulator F63Z-9J459-AA |
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You can see it in this pic of a PI equipped Mustang engine though it's in the wrong location compared to yours:
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A 2000:
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A 2003:
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A 1997 that has it in your correct location:
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A 1996 in the correct location:
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Here's a link to a couple of 1996 GT engine pics: (239) Check out my engine! 1996 Mustang GT | Ford Mustang Forum (
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