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Hi, I'm going to be as descriptive as possible, Its a 1996 V6 3.8L manual
I've had this car for a about a year and a half. It has got about 250,000 miles in it.
Anyway last year about this time exactly when it starts getting could out and a need to use the heat arises, my head gasket blew. My temperature gauge wasn't working at the time so I just figured I had over heated it. Long story short I replaced it with no troubles, no warped or cracked head. I don't know if this is important but I didn't put a thermostat back in it because I was afraid it would overheat again, I also put the temperature sensor on it so I'll always know what temp it is. And it never overheated during the summer, when I used the air while sitting still it got pretty warm but never anything drastic.

There are a few things wrong with my car in case it contributes to my problem: It backfires when its cold. (I believe bad cats), It hesitates when first pulling away unless high rpm. (I believe vacuum leak) And it dies when I turn on my air conditioning unless I keep the rpms up. (I don't know why)

Now today I turned on my car and it was shaking really rough, I opened up my radiator and noticed it was completely filled with a white foam and when I rev up the engine all the water flowing quickly though my radiator ( no thermostat) is already foamy white. After the car warmed up the jumpiness of the engine calmed down to usual. I checked the oil and it was dark. But when I got ready to leave work today same white foamy radiator fluid but this time my oil seemed a little lighter, also an awful amount of exhaust coming out from the back. But still the car ran fine; even more the heat still worked. (Last year my heat stopped working for some reason when the head gasket blew. My car doesn't overheat still. Even after a half hour interstate drive.

Tomorrow I'm going to get a hydrocarbon test done because I need certainty before I go tearing my heads off. But i'd love all of your advice's on this whole subject because I've gotten good advice here just creeping off other peoples threads but I needed something more specific this time. Just my main question is why is my car going through head gaskets so quickly? And why during the winter both times, even when the car isn't overheating.

Thank you and sorry, I know this is a lot to read and I'm not the best at making paragraphs.
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