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1996 V6 Mustang fan won't go off even when ignition is not on

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Hello all... The fan on my 96 mustang will not go off unless I disconnect it. So is there a relay or something that is telling it to stay on until the car cools off? However, the car is cool and has been sitting all weekend, but when I go to plug up the fan, it stays on and has drained either my battery or alternator. Can someone help?
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Almost for sure, this is a bad CCRM. The fan circuit is on an "always on" circuit. The CCRM is the only thing that can turn the fan off. For the fan to always be on likely means the relay contacts have been welded shut.

Recommend getting the replacment as a re-man unit from your local autoparts store.
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Thanks man... I just looked it up on the autozone site Cardone Reman/Relay - Control Module (73-70029) | 1996 Ford Mustang 6 Cylinders 4 3.8L SFI | AutoZone.com_ and I'm on my way to get it. One more thing, where is this CCRM located on my model? 1996. I trust your expertise...
CCRM location

As to where the CCRM is located.......ummm...let's see....

For the GT/Cobra, it's located in the right hand fender well. Remove the right hand plastic fender liner to get access.

For some model years of the V6, the CCRM is located on the coolant recovery tank. Other models are located in the right hand fender well (same as GT).

Don't ask me which is which. If you can't see it on the coolant recovery tank, look for a wiring bundle that disapears into the fender well. Well, that's your answer.


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Thanks wmburns... The part was a special order from Autozone. 3-5 days delivery time. Will let you know how everything went.

Thanks Man,

All is well... It worked out...

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