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1997 mustang gt auto to manual swap help!?

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i recently completed an auto to manual swap on my gt but now im having 1 problem

im still running the stock ecu so as im driving the car sometimes starts jumping around / bogging out under a medium load.. my question to this is how safe is it to swap ecu's with one from a 96 mustang gt.. i know they are compatible but all the performance shops and ford have told me not a good idea and could lead to more problems.. i hooked up the one from the 96 up already and there was no problems with pats as my theft light came on and went off after 3 seconds.. any information is helpful..
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I would think it's easier to get a tune that eliminates the automatic shifting from your current PCM....

If it ran on the computer you plugged into than why not just use it? Get a tune to disable PATS and you should be fine.
I did that same swap in a 92 and it didnt run well until I put a manual computer in it. I am not well versed with modular motors/computer. But if it were me, I would try to find a 97 manual computer, or call a hand tuner like SCT and ask them. I wouldn't think a 96 computer is too different than a 97 though besides the actual tune.
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