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1997 mustang gt bad eec-v?

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hello guys, im new to this thread but im on here daily as i constantly gather info and advice from you guys to do work and troubleshoot some problems i have with my car. but unfortunately iv signed up because i cant seem to find the advice i need to understand the problem i am having...

tuesday evening on my way home from school, i get off the freeway and go through the light when my car completly shuts down. i pull over and pop the hood to do some examining and find out that the ground wire for the passenger side coil pack is unplugged. thinking obviously thats the problem i get my wrench and put it back on. when i go to fire the car back up, it cranks but wont start. i also notice that with the ignition on acc, my check engine light doesnt come on at all and niether does my theft light. so i pull out my code reader and it cant connect to the cars computer. i also checked all the fuses in the engine bay they all seemed good. i even tried to replace the one for the eec-v but still nothing.

so i guess my question for you guys is my computer completely done or is there something i am missing or can do before i go and try to find a new computer?

i also want to mention that the ground wire for the coil pack must have been touching some metal and when i went through the light it fell off causing my car to shut down. does that seem like a reasonable explanation for the eec-v to go bad?

any thoughts or opinions would greatly appreciated!!!
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Its hard to say. A bad ground could do it but its not likely cuz I believe there are other grounds it can use. I would go back to the basics. Check for air, fuel and spark once u know if u have or dont have these then we can help alot more
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Have you checked all your fuses both under the dash and under the hood? If they are all good, I would suspect that the PCM (engine computer) has fried.
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