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1997 mustang gt ecu/pats help

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iv been doing a lot of research on here but cant seem to find the answer to my quesion...

the ecu in my gt is bad and im curious to know if i can just buy a new set of keys and program them to the new ecu/pats system once i have the new ecu installed?

has anyone ever did this before? if so did it work?
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Help me understand WHY you think a new set of keys is needed? Why not just re-program PATS to the set of keys that you have?

OBTW, there's is an "end user" procedure to re-program your own keys without using any special tools. The procedure takes 45 minutes to perform and must be performed EXACTLY. The procedure only applies to 96-97 Model years.

The procedure is documented in the Ford Service manual and is much too long to post. If interested in getting a copy for yourself I maybe able to help. PM if interested.
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