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1997 Mustang GT

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Im new to this forum but have owned several Mustangs through the years. My most recent one is a 97 Mustang GT, Autumn Orange in color. It also has the power delete option which I believe is very rare(no power windows or locks). It was a wedding gift from my wife this past summer. My 1st SN Ive owned but I am absolutely in love with it. I plan on building it from the ground up through my years of life. My past Mustangs have included my favorite year fox-bodies, and have also owned a Terminator Cobra. I manage my own auto business and am a absolute nut about cars.
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Welcome to the family.
Welcome, Im a new member also.
Welcome. Ahh I love orange stangs...
Welcome to the forums:bigthumbsup
Profile Pics

I have uploaded pics of my stang, but it says they are waiting for approval? How long does that take?
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