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1997 mustang noise while driving

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i have a 1997 mustang with 3.8 V6. i have a strange noise and not sure what it is. was wondering if any body has had this before. from a dead stop start driving going through the gears (automatic) til i get to 40 to 45 it makes a stuttering sound and shakes the car or vibrate. if i decelerate. from 65 to 40 45. the same thing. even if I'm just cruising sometimes it does it then to. but mostly around 40 to 45. i thought maybe a fuel problem (filter, injector) But not sure any thoughts? thanks in advance.:?:
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Sounds like your having the same issue I am. But my speed is a little higher than your. My car is a 01 automatic. I'll be watching this post to see what they tell you. Might be the same for mine. Good luck. there are alot of great people on this site.
thanks i hope so it DRIVING ME NUTS! LOL hope this helps you too.
This is the 2005-2010 section, your problem is probably different than the newer mustangs, might try asking this in your cars generation section.
sorry did not know thanks...
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