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1997 Purge Flow Sensor Circuit

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The electrical connector to the purge flow sensor has a blue end cap on it. Does the blue end cap come off of the connector? If so how?

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It pops off easy enough with a screwdriver....Its the easiest way to get to the wiring pins to backprobe them...Do not damage it or else the pins will get exposed to the elements...
Purge Flow Sensor Circuit High Input

I've got a CEL showing only a P1445 code. Have replaced the purge flow control valve and the flow sensor twice along with all the tubing from the manifold to the charcoal canister. Am looking at wiring for a loose connection but all appears good. Any suggestions?
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Yes. Look at the purge flow solenoid. A bad solenoid will throw the same DTC code.

Also a bad hose between the solenoid and charcoal can cause this same DTC.

Note, gas vapors are very hard on rubber parts. That's why the parts within the EVAP system wear out like they do.
Bad Ground

The electrical connectors to the purge flow control valve and solenoid both show ref voltage. How do I check integrity of the ground wire?
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