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1998 mustang body kit question

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im thinking of getting a body kit but i have no idea where to go to get it put on, anyone know?
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depends on what kind and make sure its urethane because fiberglass is crap ... The saleen body kit in my opinion is the best in case you were wondering what you should get. But too each his own. If you get a saleen body kit thats authentic then it bolts right on real easy without any hassle or problems other than the side scoops. The side scoops u have 2 choices. either 3m them on or 3m them on and rip out your rear interior and bolt them on as they should be ... Good Luck
A lot of those kits you can put on yourself with just basic hand tools. When you do it pics are mandatory. Good luck on your project.
this is what i wanted, i'll have to ask what its made of it doesn't say

94-98 Ford Mustang Invader Style 4 Piece Body Kit

is duraflex ok?
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Ok i found out that Invader body kit is fiberglass but its the only body kit that i like out of every kit ive seen. Plus the urethane is really expensive. Can I ask why the fiberglass is so bad? I mean if im in an accident either type will be messed up :help:
I dont see nothing wrong with it. If ya dont wanna put it on im sure you can find a tuner shop to put it on.
im so impatient i bought the body kit lol.. i hope i can get the pieces on easily. thanx for the help ;)
Good luck with it. Post some pics if ya get a chance.
i'll definitely post some pics :woo:
Urethane vs Fiberglass well the truth is this....In SHORT TERMS you'll prolly end up spending the same amount on the Fiberglass if not more in the Future then just buying a Urethane.
Cause they have been known to have Problems down the road and not fitting Correctly.
But since you already Bought your kit shows some pics after your done....Id like to see how yours goes.
GOOD LUCK!!! :bigthumbsup

I got a Cobra R kit to Install Soon.
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